Architecture is a platform where culture, history and city monuments are gathered. Each city has a unique identity, a rich past and a developed life cycle, as well as its roots, its growth and the inevitable impact on its population and visitors. This conference has a main goal to collect awareness to architecture as a tool for preservation in favor of conservation of buildings and edification.

Margres strategic course allowed the recognition and prestige from Portuguese and international architects that choose Margres products for their projects. The brand launches now Margres Architecture Conference, an initiative that aims to promote, reunite and potentiate knowledge throughout different perspectives and visions about how architecture can have its own space to grow and develop. This conference will approach simultaneously the past, the future and life cycle of big urban centers, as well as how architecture integrates itself among art and in the heart of the major cities. But also, its identity and how it can be affected by architecture.

Margres Architecture Conference will be a unique opportunity to share experiences, about this new era for architecture, about the Academy and essays on wide spectrum of design, landscape and architecture. The conference main goal is the increase share of projects from central architectural professionals, fearless insights on construction and powerful debates about the most recent techniques, towards an effective breakthrough and understanding of global architectural world.






Margres Architecture Conference